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Thursday, 7 October 2010

No hot water!

Argh it's getting cold here in Nottingham - and we have no hot water, what happened there then? Ha, no idea! My flatmate tried to have a shower yesterday morning and zilch, nuttin'! Oh dear - Landlord should be coming over today to get it fixed- till then I'm showering at the gym - hahaha at least it means I'm going to the gym more regularly!

Today is my last day at my office job, and from tomorrow onwards I will be working full time in the community and at projects supporting women fleeing domestic abuse, it's a great job! I wish such a service wasn't needed but as it is, it is an honour doing this work and working with such strong incredible ladies, colleagues included...!

EBay addiction, not particularly waning! I am currently waiting for a three quarter sleeve woollen topshop coat, it's navy and very simple and classic - I love the idea of the 3/4 sleeves as I plan to wear it with my long 1950s navy leather gloves...

Hats, and gloves maketh a lady....I do love the idea of hats and gloves in a 'sunday best' kind've of way - so very, very ladylike!

The topshop coat, it's nothing especially exciting just a good simple, classic winter coat, hope it arrives soon! How fun is it getting little/big parcels in the post?! very :-)

I'm also on the look out when I have more pennies for a darling little wicker basket a'la Little Red Riding Hood - just be handy, and look cute when buying food from the market and greengrocers! I used to have one for cookery at school...but no idea where it went!

This weekends plans are jewellery making and reading some good books, as I am pretty broke! I say weekend...but I only have one day free this week, not working Sunday!

Oh it does feel like Friday today...wishful thinking maybe? as it was the last day of my job this week, yesterday I got given the most beautiful bunch of flowers from my office HUGE, I could barely walk with them or be seen behind them....hehehe very sweet of them.

Ok, have a lovely weekend all....X ps this weeks soundtrack to my life has been Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen - just suits this colder weather, dont you think?!! x

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