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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Im a sucker for stripes (oh and Lennon)

one of my dream men, oh Mr Lennon!

Ballet pumps and classic stripes were made for one another, right?

Marilyn as a natural blonde...I love her hair colour here!

I do love a bit of fancy dressing but seriously my heart lies with the classics, the well fitting good quality the striped t-shirt, sigh...perfect on boys and girls!

I'm wearing a lovely striped t-shirt today! get your stripes on! Surely these stripes are enough to inspire?!!!

With leggings or skinny dark jeans and classic ballet pumps and boys with navy pea coats, slim jeans and Chelsea boots - such a perfect outfit based around STRIPES on your chest! :-) stripey, stripey, stripey, stripey....................STRIPES! x


  1. Stripes definitely float my boat. Particularly on men, but I'm sitting here in a striped Bardot top as well ;)

  2. I do adore stripes but they just are not flattering on me. Maybe after my diet I can try again. :) Great pics. Lennon and Marilyn. Icons.

  3. Swoon, men in stripes! bit of a cliche but slim trousers, chelsea boots, striped top and a pea coat...with maybe a 60s baker boy hat too! = the prefect outfit for men...or is that just me! Oh and she really can wear stripes! gorgeous! x


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