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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Just call me second hand sue!

I hardly ever buy any new clothes, apart from the basics like underwear (of course its all new!), bretton t-shirts, striped t-shirts, cardigans, a good pair of well fitting skinny black jeans, and of course tights and socks - other than those and a few other essentials - nearly all of my clothes are vintage or secondhand!

And how much more interesting does that make my shopping, very! :-) and Im recycling and not falling into the usual capitalist consumer pattern that I so try to avoid ( I am pretty anti-capitalist yet still get sucked in by pretty things and clever advertising, goddamit! :-D).

And of course I feel justified in the fact I can get twice as much for my money hehe why pay full price for anything?! and the money goes to a person, or charity not a greedy corporation, saying that though I still succumb occassionally to the highstreet - the style hypocrite I am!

Here are two of my latest Ebay purchases! I fancied looking a bit more 70s over the winter hence the 70s vintage boots, and the 1960s necklace well its just lovely and will look great with a little psych mini dress!

these boots were made for walking...

Have a lovely day all! Im off to the doctors booh! then off to the office job (double booh!)

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  1. Oooh, nice boots.

    I rarely shop 'new', although I occasionally buy more recent gear from charity shops or ebayers.

    I actually have feelings of horror if I look down midway through the day and realise I'm not wearing a single proper vintage piece. It doesn't happen very often, mainly because my coats are always vintage, but it's quite alarming when it does ;)


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