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Thursday, 23 September 2010

I heart vintage Biba

Here are some lovelies for you to have a look at from Biba in it's glory days! Swoon...look at the cuffs and drape sleeves on some of these dresses, oh my....

The lovely Lily Allen in vintage Biba - did you know she's now opened up her own vintage store too?!

It's been a long, long time coming but I know a change is gonna come...

Hello all, well that was a long trip to the shops wasn't it, now?! - well I'm now here to report back!

Well Biba and I got acquainted I looked, touched and examined the clothes...and to be honest I was not impressed at all - it would seem Ms Hulanicki has passed all design to House of Fraser who own the range now leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth and the clothing uninspiring to say the least.

The velvet dress, as per my last post....lovely idea but for £120 of my hard earned money, the quality was not up to scratch :-( and the back of that dress is all open - flashing a fair bit of back! well that was a surprise! :-) if it were a little cheaper I could be tempted perhaps...

Biba has a comments book for visitors on a table in the shop, and I read them all...and it was 50/50 some liked, some didn't but for me it wasn't the Biba I have read about - but how could it be that fashion moment has passed.

There are some nice pieces but the majority were poorly made and uninspired - the new Biba seems to have a identity crisis with the odd forward thinking, young womans dress, alongside some frumpy pieces that wouldn't look out of place in primark or an old ladies shop....strange who are they targeting today?!

Well RIP Biba, Im holding out for the perfect vintage Biba dress! :-)


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Hello, hello and you're looking lovely today!

I love polaroids! I have a little collection of vintage cameras going on, that I must actually use one day rather than just let them sit there looking pretty! But how easy and practical is digital photography? Very!

Well I know the romance lies in the polaroid itself, and this is cheating big time! but do you want to make your digital photos look like old polaroid film?

Yes! Yes! I hear you say....well try this cute little application from the polaroid company that works quite nicely...I just want to add scribblings to the white panel at the bottom of these fake polaroids, for real authenticity - I love seeing writing on that little panel but it won't let me...maybe I should do it in photoshop...
Click here to polaroid your pics

And check out this picture of me before and after the application was used....just remember as you use the application it takes a few secs/minutes or the photo to develop in front of you eyes! (just like a real polaroid!)

Before polaroid application...

And after!

Not bad for such an application...hey? now if only I wasn't so technologically challenged or broke from spending my pennies on vintage dresses, as maybe I should look into an iphone investment as I have seen some lovely photography applications that age and fuzz photos, giving them a warm older I get bored of photoshop...this might be an easy option to age my pics? Haha or I could just dust off the 1970s polaroid camera sat on top of my wardrobe?!

Later X

Biba baby!

I love the 60s label began by Barbara Hulanicki I love her designs and drawings and her eye for style detail is impeccable! She has done great work collaborating with Topshop in the past.

Here in the UK one of our high street department stores have relaunched Biba, hmmm not keen on the idea but am going to give it a chance, so will pop to the shop in question - House of Fraser . To be honest I'm ready to be disappointed bringing such an iconic label to the masses already disappoints me, we're no longer in 1966 and many people won't realise the history and prestige this label holds...surely now it's going to be cheaply made, mass produced more imitations. Ok, be positive give it a chance, Christina...I have never been able to get a original piece of Biba yet, but I will! :-)

On a better note the model they chose to front Biba - I love her! Daisy Lowe, gorgeous! and a quick look at the range on line, I have my eye on one item at least a full length black velvet dress...will report more when I come back from the shops! x

Look at that black dress Daisy is wearing....wooooo, how lovely!

Monday, 6 September 2010

sorry for the lack of posts, wow what a terrible post title...

Hello all,

Please bear with me while Im going through a frantic period in my life....I will repost regularly very soon, and with the promise of a new laptop lots of photographs to come until then enjoy this picture of the lovely Pattie Boyd with THAT HAIR!!! Oh my goodness, dream hair!

I have a real little obsession with the girlfriends of The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. Complete style icons...I wish people nowadays would dress more for their personality rather than following like a's still possible to look bang up to date (or like your from 1966 if you're me!) while still dressing for your personality over anything cannot be bought, but it can be created with imagination and personality and of course confidence...

Speak soon x ps check out Pattie with a Beatles record in her hand, love it!!

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