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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Hello, hello and you're looking lovely today!

I love polaroids! I have a little collection of vintage cameras going on, that I must actually use one day rather than just let them sit there looking pretty! But how easy and practical is digital photography? Very!

Well I know the romance lies in the polaroid itself, and this is cheating big time! but do you want to make your digital photos look like old polaroid film?

Yes! Yes! I hear you say....well try this cute little application from the polaroid company that works quite nicely...I just want to add scribblings to the white panel at the bottom of these fake polaroids, for real authenticity - I love seeing writing on that little panel but it won't let me...maybe I should do it in photoshop...
Click here to polaroid your pics

And check out this picture of me before and after the application was used....just remember as you use the application it takes a few secs/minutes or the photo to develop in front of you eyes! (just like a real polaroid!)

Before polaroid application...

And after!

Not bad for such an application...hey? now if only I wasn't so technologically challenged or broke from spending my pennies on vintage dresses, as maybe I should look into an iphone investment as I have seen some lovely photography applications that age and fuzz photos, giving them a warm older I get bored of photoshop...this might be an easy option to age my pics? Haha or I could just dust off the 1970s polaroid camera sat on top of my wardrobe?!

Later X

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