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Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's been a long, long time coming but I know a change is gonna come...

Hello all, well that was a long trip to the shops wasn't it, now?! - well I'm now here to report back!

Well Biba and I got acquainted I looked, touched and examined the clothes...and to be honest I was not impressed at all - it would seem Ms Hulanicki has passed all design to House of Fraser who own the range now leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth and the clothing uninspiring to say the least.

The velvet dress, as per my last post....lovely idea but for £120 of my hard earned money, the quality was not up to scratch :-( and the back of that dress is all open - flashing a fair bit of back! well that was a surprise! :-) if it were a little cheaper I could be tempted perhaps...

Biba has a comments book for visitors on a table in the shop, and I read them all...and it was 50/50 some liked, some didn't but for me it wasn't the Biba I have read about - but how could it be that fashion moment has passed.

There are some nice pieces but the majority were poorly made and uninspired - the new Biba seems to have a identity crisis with the odd forward thinking, young womans dress, alongside some frumpy pieces that wouldn't look out of place in primark or an old ladies shop....strange who are they targeting today?!

Well RIP Biba, Im holding out for the perfect vintage Biba dress! :-)


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  1. "it would seem Ms Hulanicki has passed all design to House of Fraser"

    Tragically, Barbara hasn't owned the Biba name since 1975 and doesn't have a say in any of these nasty relaunches. I haven't got a clue who does, now, but she was ousted and lost all rights to it when Dorothy Perkins invested in the shop.



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