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Monday, 20 June 2011

La,la,la,la,la,la LIFE!

Wow where does time go when your, erm it?! 'It' being that funny thing known as ahem, 'Life'. Well I do have photo's to post about time after such a long break from blogging! I have recently bought 4 beautiful 60s dresses, resulting in me not daring to look at my bank account!

I hope you all had a lovely fathers day for those of you in the UK, I miss my dad very much so I just try and get through the day as quickly as possible to be honest!

This week I am desperately aiming to increase the amount of exercise I do! Wish me luck! Desperately trying to avoid the 30yr old spread....only 6 mths til the BIG 30!

Ok, walking to work now in the sunshine, and as a parting gift...check out these shoes from topshop - I haven't been so impressed with high street shoes such as this for a long time! Way to go topshop! What d'ya think? PS On a sunny morning Bob Marley tunes are the best, but you knew that? Right?

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This blog is a forum for my ramblings and mutterings that tend to revolve around creativity, music and the 1960s! Enjoy! I buy, collect and sell vintage dresses and other lovely pretty vintage things!

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