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Monday, 6 September 2010

sorry for the lack of posts, wow what a terrible post title...

Hello all,

Please bear with me while Im going through a frantic period in my life....I will repost regularly very soon, and with the promise of a new laptop lots of photographs to come until then enjoy this picture of the lovely Pattie Boyd with THAT HAIR!!! Oh my goodness, dream hair!

I have a real little obsession with the girlfriends of The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. Complete style icons...I wish people nowadays would dress more for their personality rather than following like a's still possible to look bang up to date (or like your from 1966 if you're me!) while still dressing for your personality over anything cannot be bought, but it can be created with imagination and personality and of course confidence...

Speak soon x ps check out Pattie with a Beatles record in her hand, love it!!

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  1. I wish people were more into fashion as well. I'm in college in the states and every girl here looks the exact same! I can never tell them apart because they literally all wear shorts, tshirts, and tennis shoes everyday, where is the imagination???

    lovely post! <3


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