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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Brighton calling!

Hello all!

Long time no post, have been very tired and busy - but I'm not quite sure what with?! I have been mending some vintage dresses etc for this weekend! Yes its come round already! Brighton Mod Weekender!!

I am so excited for all the dancing this weekend, the top music, fantastic style and lovely scooters and the lovely people!

Everybody knows about the Mods Vs Rockers during the sixties in England, right?

Well the two subcultures were against one another and it's really interesting history...the penultimate showdown for the era between the two groups was at Brighton Beach. The fights were not as bad as the media at the time made them out to be, and a real mod wouldn't fight as they would be too concerned with getting blood on their clothes, or god forbid a tear in their trousers!

Anyway I am very excited, as although I attend a lot of mod events and club nights, this is my first trip to Brighton!! And it's an effort getting my wardrobe ready for it! :-)

Here's some lovely photos of those boys and girls fighting on the beach and seafront;

If you're keen to learn more about the Mods and Rockers, the film Quadrophenia would be quite a good starting point, made in 1979 it's a remake of the 60s youth era and the clash of the Mods and Rockers. It's an OK film, if not a little cheesy in places.

Or check out this book straight from the mouths of the Mods and Rockers at the time Generation X. Click here for more 'must have mod books'.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Hopefully my camera will be behaving itself (it's going wrong AGAIN!) and I will upload some photos of the weekend, next week! xx

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