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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Schizophrenic style tendencies, like peaches and cream my dear...

Sometimes I dress mod, and at other times I want to dress psych - Im not smart enough or patient enough to get the mod look down exactly - and yet I can't find all the hippy and psych clothes I dream of in my head, and well lets face it they need to be worn with confidence so not an everyday outfit.
Three days a week due to the nature of one of my jobs - I dress pretty average - like a student! hehe not that I mind :-) :-) I'm a low maintenance girl! The other job allows for little 60s scooter dresses....and strange looks from work colleagues hehe!

I get a lot of stick now, when I walk down the street - and believe me just because I enjoy style and aesthetics from the past - I don't draw unnecessary attention to myself, as Im very shy - but it still doesn't stop men and women making snide comments or yelling at imagine if I dressed exactly how I wanted all the time, without the constraints of only being able to wear what you can find....vintage shopping is like a stylish treasure hunt! :-)

I'm a very modest dresser, so I dont dress in skimpy items, so why do I get hassle? it seems as if it's just ignorant people who should have better things to care about. Ah well!

I think my style depends on my mood - but also on the love of my life - music! Style and music are inseperable. I enjoy garage, psych, beat, soul, ska, reggae and rythmn and blues mainly ... from the late 50s to the early 70s :-) With the cream of the crop being in the mid sixties!

Here's my latest dress purchase - quite a conservative little number.

Here's my latest 45' purchase a great, great song! can't wait to play this in a DJ set!

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  1. you have great style. I would love to wear a dress like that but I am very shy as well. I dont like to be gawked at. I hope you post pics with it on. :)


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