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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Liverpool La

Very excited about my trip to Liverpool tomorrow! So I excited I cannot get motivated to do any work - yet!

I hope to visit Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and John's old house where he lived with Mimi and would play his guitar in the porch - as instructed by his aunt as she clearly didn't enjoy his 'racket'! Ooh and The Cavern.
I really like the idea of nipping over to Hamburg too at some point, to see were the boys were over there! Obviously, not in the same day! hehe.

I'm also hoping to go to the docklands Beatles Museum. Now I'm not the biggest Beatles fan, but every now and again I fall back in love with them. And yes I know they were a partnership - but Im not overly fond of Macca - hate his solo stuff, but together they worked. Macca on his own is cheesy and middle of the road (apart from Helter Skelter! where he did kind've prove a point) but generally his music is insipid and safe - add Lennons bitter bite, and working class angst and you get experimental, romantic, poetic pop music!

I was in love with The Beatles from the age of six to seventeen, and first loves don't pass easily, so I will always hold a fondness for them in my heart. John Lennon was on my wall, when I was just six, and I own all the apple records and Lennons early solo stuff, all my mums old vinyl - that I used to play daily.

I do love George Harrison though, John and George...and George never gets the recognition he deserves!


  1. i envy that you went on this trip! hope you took pics and had fun

  2. Aw thanks! pics will be up very soon but my laptop is dying and doesn't recognise the connection to my camera :-(


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