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Monday, 22 March 2010

I am a little addicted to interior design dreaming...

Are you nosy? I didnt think I was really, but I do love looking around houses and in bedrooms. I don´t mean in real life....asthat would be too far, but I do love buying interior design magazines and browsing the internet for interior ideas. Living in a rented house with flatmates at the moment so i can´t really put my own stamp on things at the moment. Alas as girl can but dream.
Check out the interior section of this blog here, in particular the amazing photographs of bedrooms. The bedrooms shown on this blog look so lived in and worn, yet irresistable, even the creased sheets, and I´m a stickler for well ironed sheets normally, haha. Aw so makes me want to become an interior designer. Maybe I will...At the moment I´m collecting 60s and 70s clocks and looking for some nice paintings from those eras...

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  1. I'm a regular daydreamer...dreaming of my own house to do exactly what I want in it! Lovely images and blog link.x


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