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Monday, 1 March 2010

Hello & Goodbye!

I live in Sherwood, yup a little place just on the outskirts of Nottingham city centre, and let me tell you it's lovely! In fact in was on TV last week, A place in the sun - where a couple were deciding between living in Barcelona, or Sherwood! ha.

Sherwood get's described, as trendy, bohemian and youthful and it is all those things, and more! I love the little vintage shop, which is a stones throw away from my front door, I love the antique store at the end of the road I live. I also love that Sherwood has some amazing charity shops, a lovely health food shop (yum!) and a great secondhand bookshop (some rare finds!). Sherwood has character :-)

One of the loveliest bars in Sherwood, is called Ripple and it really is the heart of Sherwood, every age and every type of person comes here from the old lady doing her knitting to the artists, the young families and the fashionistas. It's a little hub of creativity, friendliness and yummy fresh, healthy, quality food. Also a vast array of belgian beers (chocolate beer included!) and some posh gin that gets served with cucmber! ;-)

The staff are also amazing, all of them - Oh, I work there too, on the occassional night!

Ripple is closing :-( and I can't begin to explain how much, I will miss the place, the lovely customers and the fantastic staff I have become friends with!

Ripple offically closes it's doors on April 3rd. But if you are local - get down before we say goodbye as the food is soooo good!

I'm going to stuff myself silly with their yummy halloumi skewers and salads during my time off!
Goodbye Ripple Xxxx

On another note, with every door that closes, there are several that open, and everything happens for a reason - blah-de-blah-de-blah and so on. I know everyone that has worked there will do amazingly in their new ventures!
On another note:
I am currently finishing off some jewellery pieces - 1960s ban the bomb rings anybody?!
I'm also screen printing some to come!

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