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Friday, 19 March 2010

Lovely Edie

Lovely Edie Sedgwick, led a life as glamorous as it was tortured and sad. Muse of Warhol, and a real style icon, she was completely ahead of her time.


  1. Edie sedgwick..
    Well i think that she chaged the world, andy warhol was a great artist..
    he didnt a lot of things that no one thought of as many other artist but he was different,
    i would have loved to be alive when in his time. To me his fascinating and im happy i have choose him for art project i thought i didnt know who andy warhol was but then i rememebered that i watched this movie called factory girl :)
    even tho its not really him i understood more :) Also Edie is great i beileved she changed us and what everyone became :D

    Hannah ..xxxx

  2. I have Changed my mind, i think in away Andy Warhol kind of killed Edie... he got her into the world of art and fashion but he went over the top with her he made her something she wasnt something that wasnt right ..
    He killed her he didnt try and stop her from takin drugs and gettin drunk, i kno it wasnt his job to but he could of stoped her but i guess she kinda of knew she wasnt goin to live past 30 :(
    which is sad to me that she knew that and she said it... But i think i have learnt so much about her in the past couple of weeks ...

    To be honest with you im really amazed with Edie... she makes me want to be a model..


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