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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Club nights and living in the 1960s

Oh how I miss my favourite 60s club nights, and at the moment, my 60s night is on hold also! My night is called PaperShakers! I love PaperShakers.

Now, music is my first love always was, always has been and I'm a sucker for pretty much everything 1960s, fashion, design, history, music, art, literature - fell in love with that era when I was six years old, listening to my mums records.

I sold my favourite 60s dress in December, trying to be professional and not hold back on all the lovely stock hehee! So on the hunt for some more beauties to fit me.

As of April my work hours will allow me to go here: Brighton Beach as somebody who never failed to miss a Brighton Beach night, I am so looking forward to returning as a regular!

Also just up the road from me is the ultimate mod night Ronnie Londons Groove Lounge!

I cannot wait soooo excited!

I'm a huge garage fan, psych fan and just some good old fashioned 60s pop and rock! I could bore you forever with my record collection and talk of music but will just leave a couple of really cool songs for you to have a look at:

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