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Sunday, 11 April 2010

It´s been a while!

A picture of Steve Marriott just because! the mans a legend you need no reason!

Sorry about the lack of posting...but I have been incredibly busy partying, and starting new jobs/contracts and finishing others. I have been working lots in the gallery and theatre and it´s been so much fun!

LeBeat Bespoke was amazing, that´s the 60s 3 day festival in London I attended, there was a northern/ soul/ ska/ early reggae, RnB, room a psych and garage room and a room dedicated to just northern soul. There was a great crowd, the mod girls looked lovely and the mod boys looked slick in their suits! I wish every weekend was a LeBeat Bespoke weekend!

At the moment I´m still working on a few projects, a few 60s nights up my sleeve, still in the midst of designing and completing my vintage jewellery range, and buying some more vintage for the main shop, and planning a Nottingham flea market!

Also if you are into mod music scene check out this night! Ronnie Londons Groove Lounge, Nottingham.

Woohoo. The next post will have my jewellery pictures!

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