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Friday, 18 December 2009

Special items, not your usual 'vintage'

Today I bought some more stock for the shop! Lots and lots in fact! Including a 1950s leather doctors bag, damn they are so hard to find with the key still, no luck with this one either - beautiful as it is!

Two graphic print scarves one from the 1960s the other one circa late 60s early 70s. And the most darling little 1960s travel clock which is so beautiful! I have always had a thing for vintage travel clocks, and this one is no exception it has brass findings and sits perfectly in the most beautiful jade green case.

I really may have trouble parting with these items, but of course I will!

I am choosing the most loveliest items I can find from the 1900s-1980s and if I don't love it, then I wont buy it. I hope I can write a little more about the hand-made items we are working on also at the moment, which will sit alongside the vintage.

Though some of it is top secret ;-) and we are currently still mid-work, some will be showcased at the kiosk, a lot will saved for our online launch. As a taster here's a little of what you can expect alongside the shops original vintage; hand knitted items, vintage reproductions (from original vintage patterns), hand crafted jewellery made from vintage trinkets and supplies, screen printed bags and t-shirts etc etc

So yes I am in love with the past, but myself and Lisa will also be looking to produce new and exciting items alongside all this romantic nostalgia. Im the one that's stuck in a time warp, Lisa has far fresher, exciting and newer ideas, where else my shop items will always be sourced and made with more than a hint of nostalgia and history. What can I say, I was clearly born in the wrong time!

Looking forward to putting up photos on the blog of Lisa's hard work when she is done, she is one talented designer!

Our Kiosk will be a sneak preview of what our online store will have to offer, just a glimpse but hopefully it will be enough to tempt you! Can't wait! By the way I'm so cold Im sat in the art gallery where I sometimes work part time, in my fur coat!! It is cosy though!


  1. can't wait to see everything. oh and that dog in the previous post is such a adorable!

  2. Hello thank you so much for your comment!
    I hope you're having a lovely Christmas. I cant wait to put up some photos - soon I promise! And yes Katie the dog is adorable! :-)


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