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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The 1960s

So all my friends know I'm a little obsessed with the 1960s over any other era. I have been since I was 6 years old...and used to daydream and look longingly at old photographs, listening to old records and watching sixties films. Do you have a favourite era? Ever wonder what you would be doing if you had lived through that era? In the sixties would you have been a mod or a rocker? a Beatles or a Stones fan? The 60s was a revolutionary time for contemporary culture, and very stylish to boot! A lot of people think it was very crass and psychedelic like Austin Powers, the 60s was nothing like that and far more interesting because of it!
There are so many reasons I love the sixties...but here's few!

Marianne Faithful, I have heard she's not the charismatic, charming doe eyed 1960s doll I always thought - I have a friend who recently worked closely with her on a film, and it kind of ruined my love for her when I heard what she was really like...but you cant deny how lovely such photos of her, like the one above. A very stylish lady indeed, and understated. I love 1960s long hair and huge fringes.

Next one of the coolest couples of the 60s...Anita Pallenberg and Brian Jones. Anita Pallenberg always looked amazing in my favourite style of hat the giant floppy felt sun hat. And Brian Jones well what more can you say, such a stylish, charismatic and handsome man!

She also looked pretty good on the arm of Mick too!

And not forgetting Keith! Well it was the swinging sixties after all, I suppose!

I'm a huge sixties music fan and love buying new records to add to my collection...nothing sounds as good as vinyl! I am a Beatles & Stone fan, but somehow the Beatles stole my imagination when I was a small child and have done so ever since. I really like the images and style of the beatles in the early days, especially the pictures and stories from there time in Hamburg and Germany. Astrid Kircherr was the photographer for most of their Hamburg pictures, and she invented their mop top hair. I could go and tell you more about this lovely lady....but there's a lot to tell, so go investigate if you're interested.

John has always been my favourite Beatle, followed by George. If only my mum had kept her 'I love John' knitted jumper!

How beautiful is this picture of Astrid with her beloved Stuart, the forgotten the film Backbeat if you haven't already.

Im quite the fan of Astrid and her stark black and white photography, I do like a nice self portrait in photography when done well. Isn't she lovely in the photo above?

Well I could go on, but that is just the smallest snapshhot of why I love the sixties, not forgetting my love of fake eyelashes, hippy beliefs, european 60s pop, garage music, and all the other interesting characters there were....Although it's always romanticised in retrospect. England was never swinging sixties only London, but I still feel there was a sense of magic and newness even in the drabber cities. The sixties was the first era of youthculture and that had a immeasurable and exciting impact on the arts, literature and design of the time.

Lastly here's one of my favourite 60s designs, the egg chair!

Xxx ps did I tell you my mum even met Jimmi Hendrix in the 1960s?!...and they had a good ol' chat!

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