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Thursday, 17 December 2009

In honour of my favourite blog and just because it's xmas

Going completely off subject but I dont care! thought this would make a nice uplifting post! It's nearly the end of 2009!

Ok I couldn't wait, one of my favourite blogs is Taza seems so lovely and I LOVE the photography she features on her blog.

I also find her posts very uplifting, especially the happy lists. Yes you heard right, the happy lists! So what you do is you write a list of what makes you happy and post it for everyone to read, thats just what Taza did! They make for lovely reading. I hate to copy but Im going to do the same but just for me, as Im sure nobody else is reading this!

Happy list

1. Katie puppy, her snuggles and big ol' sighs

2.Beautiful healthy food

3. Music - live and anywhere and everywhere, and discovering new bands that become the love of your life

4. Junk shops, thrift shops, flea markets, markets, carboots, secondhand shops, vintage stores, antique stores, charity shops. I just love them all!

5. Record shops and my little record player

6. Red lipstick

7. Chatting to my mum and nana on the telephone

8. Good shoes and happy, silly clothes - life should be one big fancy-dress parade!

9. Sunshine on my face

10. Knowing my best friend is still out there waiting for me

11. Road trips and travels

12. Memories of both my dads

13. Going to the cinema on my own

14. Avocadoes

15. Beautiful design and aesthetics and seeing the art and beauty in most things

16. Pictures and photographs of the Eifel Tower

17. Classical art

18. Creativity and ambition

19. Texts that just tell you that they love you, or that they hope you have a lovely day sending and recieving them. I love sending them most, especially on Monday mornings to people when they perhaps need to smile the most!

20. Making my friends and my family happy

I could go on...but I wont.

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