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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Burlesque, a challenge shop delay, Berlin, cold and snow - not neccessarily in that order.

Hello all,

It's actually my birthday today! yes and Im sat here typing away inside my warm house, as it's just too cold out there! But it's not all quiet - I have already celebrated my birthday a little early at the weekend, with my friends at a lovely burlesque club called the Pitty Patt Club. The Pitty Patt Club was wonderful, really wonderful! If you like old style cabaret from the 40s, 50s and even a sprinkling of the 20s then I can highly recommend this night.

Lots of the guests were dressed in 40s and 50s attire and we even had some 'extra' entertainment provided by some regulars in the crowd who were brilliant at the Lindy Hop and we saw them dance during intervals. The performers were great, and the comperes were really funny! I have always enjoyed and admired burlesque aesthetics and costume and yet this was my first burlesque show and will certainly not be my last, so much fun!

And now for some news -
The website looks likely to be delayed as I have applied for a study scheme in Berlin and if I get it, I won't have time to manage the shop at such a early and vital stage in the business. I am still buying stock and have trips to Dublin, Berlin and Paris planned for this year to source some beautiful items. As for Berlin, well my application has been accepted for consideration so it's now just a small matter of waiting.

A challenge
This year I have promised myself not to buy anything new, I am only buying second hand and vintage clothing. I have so many clothes so this is good discipline for me! The only exception is the basics, i.e underwear, t-shirts, shoes etc and actually, even shoes where I can will be vintage anyway! except I always make a bad choice and they wear out so quickly, when vintage.

I don't know what it's like where you are, but here it is FREEZING here! Minus 2 I last heard with ice everywhere! I haven't left the house wearing anything but wellingtons for the past month so as not to slip over! But they are stylish wellies! patent black, and shiny, shiny indeed!

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