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Friday, 15 January 2010

Anita Pallenberg and 1960s felt hats

Floppy 1960s hats

Anita Pallenberg wore this type of hat, so well!
I have a obsession with hats, yup it's true I'm addicted in fact. I have a 'hat wall' in my bedroom - yes I will take a picture of this wall where a small collection of my hats do hang; which includes a boater, flat caps, a bowler hat, a panama hat, a straw hat, a faux fur 1960s beehive hat, a 60s beatnik cap amongst others and then there's the collection that I still have in storage at my mums house and the two boxes full of hats under my bed!
One of my favourite hats has always been the felt 1960s floppy hat. Im still in the midst of attempting to make a black one but it is so important to get the perfect fabric, a heavy felt but not too heavy.
For Christmas I got given a lovely grey felt fedora with a contrasting black band it's semi structured and kind've like a cross between the shape of a traditonal fedora (of which I'm not overly feen on normally) and a floppy 60s hat. I keep going to call the floppy 60s hat a sunhat, but the great thing is it is a all round hat, looks great in the summer and winter depending on the lightness of the felt!
American Apparel seem to have come up with a great one too! in brown, grey or black. I love how it can be worn casually but also wouldn't look out of place dressed up a little. Glamorous, boho and a little rock n roll!
I would love to find an orignal wool/felt version of this hat from the 60s! What's your favourite type of hat?

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