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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Food glorious food! and if music be the food of love!

Food glorious food!
My lovely flatmate the other day whilst we sat having a lovely spanish meal with our friends, told me she thought I was obsessed with food....hmmm I like to think passionate about food! Yup I am a complete foodie, bit of a food snob really if Im honest!

Here's a recipe I did last night gluten free healthy pizza base yum, yum, fast easy and two main ingredients - easy peasy, my kind of food!

I highly recommend this recipe!

Gluten free, healthy pizza base!

300g Buckwheat
Flour300g Butternut Squash
Sprinkle of Italian Herbs especially basil mf favourite!
Minced Garlic

How to:
1. Bake a Butternut Squash for 1 hour at 200c. Allow to cool then peel, de-seed and mash2. Weigh out 300g of Buckwheat Flour and combine with 300g of the Squash and the Garlic and Herbs - this should give you a dough like consistency, add more flour if necessary3. Sprinkle flour over your work surface and then roll the dough into a circle4. Part bake the pizza base for 20 mins at 200c

Prepare your topping, take the base out spread your topping on drizzle with a little olive oil, bake for another 10mins. Take it out sprinkle some rocket and balsamic vinegar on it and ta-dah!

Im taking home made pizza to a friends house tonight mmm,mmm!

If music be the food of love, play on!

On another note 'The Beat Girls' myself and my good friend Tania Gonzalez are due to DJ at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham very shortly - before then we are wanting to have a couple of illustrations of ourselves for the posters!

If anybody would like to do this for us, please get in touch we will repay you with full credit of all artwork and some free Tinkerbella & The Tailor goodies!

Oh and of course free guest entry for you and your friends at our forthcoimg Rescue Room gigs!

Please comment on the blog or email to register your interest in this project!

Thanks, lovelies x

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