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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Summer plans

Isn't she lovely? "Chinese lady' by Vladimir Tretchikoff .

I love this painting, will write more about the lovely green lady, and his other paintings in another post vey soon. I like her so much I have her image on a pin badge!

Oh how much have I loved this weather recently?! Then all of a sudden it's gone!?! but that's not all bad, with the milder weather conditions this weekend I am able to wear some of my lovelier 60s mod dresses, that aren't neccessarily easy to wear in the summer heat. Man made fabrics - mum and co how did you wear these dresses back then without glowing in a ladylike manner just that little bit too much?!

I have some lovely new dresses at the moment a gorgeous brocade mod dress with sheer chiffon long sleeves and gold piping, goodness knows where I'll wear it, Brighton Mod Weekender perhaps....a lovely late 50s tribal print summer dress, and a lovely summer 60s mod shift dress thats turqouise and lilac check. I will put pics of these up shortly...

On another note what are your plans for the summer?

Here's a very, very small section of my ever growing list:

Finish my German course

Go to Berlin to see family, go to Monchengladbach to see where I grew up

Spend even more time rummaging through local record stores trying to find Jimmy Cliffs Miss Jamaica 45 and the like

Have a great success with my Beatles Vs Stone night for Macmillan Cancer

See my jewellery range complete and sales go sky high ;-)

Get my market stall ready for July


Brighton Mod Weekender

Complete the photoshoot for the shop and DJ promo pics with my lovely friend and wonderful photographer Gemma

Get our first paid gig DJing as a pair - me and Tania are still trying to come up with a DJ name for us both....suggestions on a postcard please!

Complete my TEFL course, so next year I get to travel the world

Have a cultured weekend in Paris going to the galleries

Have a catch up weekend going to London galleries I haven't visited in a while

Complete my nutrition course

Visit Liverpool and do the full Beatles Experience

Continue my life long love affair with thrifting and vintage shopping

Enrol on a sewing course

Find a pair of 1960s pilgrim flats

Spruce up the house making it a vintage haven

Visit more carboots

Phew! and thats only a little amount off the list! Hope your all having a lovely summer time....

Dress posts coming soon. Oh and I have just had a delivery of jewellery stock so expect pics of those some time soon too!


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