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Friday, 23 July 2010

10 things about yourself ....

I got asked to do this by another blogger! :-) so here goes!

1) I am 29 next birthday and this freaks me out nearer to the BIG 3, 0.
2) I have had blonde hair almost forever apart from when I dyed it ginger circa 1996, now I relaise natural is best and am sticking with blonde!
3) John Lennon is my favourite Beatle, followed extremely closely by George - depending on my mood - I may say John or George
4) I love Marianne Faithfull, how she was in the 60s - she has the best 60s gir look in my opinion
5) I am addicted to Ebay
6) Antiques and a passion for vintage is in my blood, since I was six years old
7) I owned my first record player at 6 years old - I used to like Doris Day on it back then, hehe
8) I have been in love once, and had my hear broken once
9) I am incredibly shy
10) I am pescetarian and dabble in raw and macrobiotic foods (I'm a secret hippy!)

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